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  1. Along the Wall: Photographs at the Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989

    Type: Collection
    Description/Abstract: Archive of the 2014-15 exhibition, featuring photographs by Richard E. Schade. The photographs were exhibited first in Gallery K in the Max Kade German Cultural Center from November 3 - 26, 2014, and then in the Clifton Cultural Arts Center from January 17 - February 28, 2015. Richard Schade took the photographs at the Berlin Wall upon his visits in 1964 and 1989. They document his experience of the Wall.
    Creator/Author: Bauman, Emily
    Submitter: Emily Bauman
    Rights: All rights reserved
  2. ViDEO sAVant

    Type: Collection
    Description/Abstract: Documentation of live Performances by viDEO sAVant
    Creator/Author: Woodman, Charles
    Submitter: Charles Woodman
    Rights: All rights reserved
  3. Boissy Lab Research Data - Koshoffer

    Type: Collection
    Description/Abstract: This collection contains research data generated during the time I worked in the Boissy lab, department of dermatology
    Creator/Author: Koshoffer, Amy
    Submitter: Amy Koshoffer
    Rights: All rights reserved
  4. Records Management Presentations

    Type: Collection
    Description/Abstract: No Description
    Creator/Author: Tansey, Eira
    Submitter: Eira Tansey
    Rights: All rights reserved
  5. The Durrës Regional Archaeological Project (DRAP)

    Type: Collection
    Description/Abstract: The Durrës Regional Archaeological Project (DRAP) was a intensive surface survey field project centered around the modern town of Durrës, Albania. This collection represents all of the raw data collected from the project, whether born analog or born digital.
    Creator/Author: Wallrodt, John
    Submitter: John Wallrodt
    Rights: All rights reserved