Jessica Weller Horticulture capstone, spring 2023

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The overuse of plastic containers in greenhouse and nursery production surpasses the amount being recycled. A solution to this issue involves a shift in the materials used for making containers. Specifically, containers employed for plant growth are single-use due to the higher costs associated with reusing them in production. Due to chemicals used during the growing process recycling containers is challenging. Transitioning to eco-friendly alternatives holds the promise of positively impacting the environment and curbing plastic waste generated in growing containerized plants. This research delves into the types of plastics currently utilized, their purposes, and the recycling processes involved. This is compared to new eco-friendly container options, analyzing their advantages and disadvantages. The significance of this study is exploring potential materials for manufacturing containers in greenhouse and nursery production. The result of this paper finds alternatives to plastic, fostering sustainability and reducing reliance on plastic for containers, thereby contributing to a more sustainable industry.

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