Coherence Evaluations for 'Model of Models' Methods

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Created by: McCabe, Erin E.
Last Updated: 2022-11-17

CSV files containing the coherence scoring pertaining to datasets of:
DocumentCount = 5,000
Corpus = (one from) Federal Caselaw [cas] / Pubmed-Abstracts [pma] / Pubmed-Central [pmc] / Chicago Novel Corpus [nvl] / Newspaper Corpus [nws]
SearchTerm[s] = (one from) Earth / Environmental / Climate / Pollution / Random 5k documents of a specific corpus

Coherence was scored across every combination of:
TopicCount: 10-40
Hyperparameter-Alpha: [0.01, 0.31, 0.61, 0.91, symmetric, asymmetric]
Hyperparameter-Beta: [0.01, 0.31, 0.61, 0.91, automatic, symmetric]

The columns in this file include:
Validation_Set: Which search term this scoring pertains to
Topics: Number of topics in the model
Alpha: Hyperparameter alpha selection from the 6 options above
Beta: Hyperparameter beta selection from the 6 options above
Coherence: The topic coherence score for the given model-row
Perplexity: The perplexity score for the given model-row

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