Designing Information for Artificial Intelligence: Path Recommendation and User Acceptance in a Virtual Space Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 11/21/2017
Date Modified: 11/21/2017

In this study, the authors propose two information layout strategies (informative layout and decisive layout) that influence the user acceptance rate on recommended information. The informative layout is the degree of descriptions in the recommendation process. The decisive layout is the degree of choices in recommendations. Thus, the objective of the paper is to discover how users’ acceptance of a recommendation changes when the recommendation is displayed in different degrees of informative and decisive layouts. To this end, we have conducted the following tasks: 1) Sophisticated software was created with Javascript to conduct experiments with users online; 2) Experiment subjects (N=247) with various education and demographic levels were recruited; 3) User acceptance rate depending on the information layout strategy was collected; 4) The relationships between information layout strategy and user acceptance of the recommended information were computationally analyzed. The results of the study indicate that the information layout strategy proposed in this research significantly influences user acceptance of the recommended information. Also, this research identified effective combinations of informative and decisive layouts to maximize the user acceptance.

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