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Date Uploaded: 04/16/2018
Date Modified: 04/24/2018

IASDR 2017 Workshop

Design now faces with new challenges that have made us rethink about our current design paradigm. It motivated us to organize a forum called, Design 3.0 Forum at KAIST in 2016, where we invited globally renowned design researchers and practitioners from different countries to discuss about important agenda for emerging challenges. The agenda we extracted from this forum can be summarized as follows: 1) envisioning of designers' future roles on open creativity and design; 2) dissemination and evaluation of design research outcomes by keeping deep design values; and 3) post education and practice that moves beyond the current use-centered perspectives by thinking big toward social innovation and large-scale impact.

As the result of the Design 3.0 forum, we all agreed that we must continue to develop and extend these agenda and collaboratively make executable actions to carry them out in the design community. In this special session at IASDR 2017, not only the organizers of the previous Design 3.0 forum (i.e. Youn-kyung Lim, Ron Wakkary, Kun-pyo Lee, and Tek-jin Nam), we invite the people who have not participated in the previous forum but can provide important insights on these issues. For the format of the session, we will take the panel format where the invited participants will present their positions first, and then have in-depth discussion on them among the participants and the audience. Through this special session, we expect to advance the initial Design 3.0 agenda and can generate more concrete and executable action items for Design 3.0.

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