Does the One-China policy shape the People’s Republic of China’s foreign policy?: Soft, sharp, and hard power Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 07/07/2020
Date Modified: 07/08/2020

This analytical paper asks, does the One-China policy shape the People’s Republic of China’s foreign policy? This paper begins by briefly defining the One-China policy and situating it in the respective histories of China and its current incarnation as the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Then, after untangling the often muddled classifications of soft, sharp, and hard power, the question is interrogated in the context of each class of power (Nye, 2004; Nye, 2011; Nye, 2018; Raby, 2019; Walker & Ludwig, 2017). This analytical essay concludes that the PRC does employ predominantly sharp and hard power strategies that are heavily influenced by the One-China policy.

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  • 21st Century
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  • I completed this work as part of the Cambridge Security Initiative's International Security and Intelligence Summer Program and Conference, which I highly recommend. As part of it we each had to propose and complete an analytical essay. There was a word limit, which is why my analysis is somewhat truncated. I will be expanding this document for publication, but it is still worth glancing over if you are interested in China's means and ends of foreign policy.

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