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Date Uploaded: 06/12/2015
Date Modified: 09/17/2015

Lloyd C. Engelbrecht (born 1927) is Professor Emeritus of Art History at the University of Cincinnati. In collaboration with his late wife, June-Marie F. Engelbrecht (1930-2009), he has been researching, writing about and speaking about architect and designer Henry C. Trost (1860-1933) and his family firm of Trost & Trost.

On May 8, 2014, Lloyd Engelbrecht was invited to speak at the University of Texas at El Paso as part of a Trost symposium. The following is an excerpt from the official announcement of the symposium:

In celebration of Trost’s architectural legacy, UTEP Special Collections will host the “Trost Lecture Series” at 6 p.m. May 8 [2014] in the UTEP Library, Blumberg Auditorium, room 111.

The event will feature speakers Dr. Troy Ainsworth, executive director of El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro Trail Association (CARTA); Joe and Lanna Duncan, owners of the Trost-designed El Capitan Hotel in Van Horn, Texas and El Paisano Hotel in Marfa, Texas; and Dr. Lloyd Engelbrecht, co-author of Henry C. Trost: Architect of the Southwest.

A public exhibit featuring family photos, sketches, blueprints and photographs of the buildings Trost designed in El Paso and throughout the Southwest will be on display May 10 in the UTEP Library’s atrium on the third floor.

The lecture and exhibit were part of Trost Week, May 3-10, 2014, which was organized by the Texas Trost Society, a new nonprofit group that advocates for the preservation of Trost & Trost architecture.




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