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Date Uploaded: 11/21/2017
Date Modified: 02/01/2018

Design oriented educational institution around the world, project based learning is well practiced in local setting as well as global setting. Communication is one of the significant aspect in this learning settings. Currently, many design projects are implemented by members beyond their belonging organization, creating difficulties in face to face communication, especially when members are in different countries. This study proposes a new method for project-based learning in design education program implemented on international design workshop and discuss about outcome through empirical program.

This method is composed in three phases. First phase is online pre-workshop session using SLACK, where each member do their own researching and surveying on the specific topic related to the project, share and discuss them with other members. The second phase is face to face workshop, which all members gather in one place to work on the project intensively to make their group design proposal. The lastly in the post workshop phase, each member get back online to make reflection on the project, feedback them on the proposal, and make improvements. Also, compile and publish a project reports on the overall program for documentation. Through out the program, SLACK platform is used for basic communication and sharing data and information. S This program are operated in an international design workshop called “Global Design Workshop” of Chiba Institute of Technology(CIT, Chiba, Japan), with students from Chiba University(CU, Chiba, Japan) and Tunghai University(THU, Taichung, Taiwan) . The theme of the workshop was “New work place, space, style using IoT technologies.

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