A System of English Grammar: constructed upon the basis of Murray's Grammar, and adapted to the use of schools, academies, and private learners Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/04/2016
Date Modified: 06/03/2019

No edition or printing information is available in this copy. Written by Reverend Charles Adams, Principal of Newbury Seminary, a high school and literary institution. This system of grammar was created by the author for use in his own classes. It is based on the work of Lindley Murray, whose works on English grammar were published in the last decade of the 18th century. The author has endeavored to improve upon its definitions where possible. It provides four divisions of grammar: Orthography, Etymology, Syntax and Prosody. Orthography covers the nature of letters and proper spelling. Etymology covers the classifications of words with accompanying examples. Rules of syntax are accompanied with correct and incorrect examples. Prosody has two parts: pronunciation, comprising accent, quantity, emphasis, pause, and tone, and the laws of versification, which is the arrangement of syllables. Laws of punctuation are included. The text ends with eleven chapters of example texts that serve as exercises in parsing.

The Schultz Archive includes the complete text with minimal disruptions in quality. There are very rare instances of highlighting which obscures the readability; however, the text is otherwise impeccable.

Time Period
  • 1830-1839
Date Created
  • 173 pages


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