A Grammar of the English Language: explained according to the principles of truth and common sense, and adapted to the capacities of all who think Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/04/2016
Date Modified: 06/03/2019

No information regarding edition or printing is in the copy. No information on the author is provided. Balch's addition to the list of grammar handbooks seeks to improve the methods of grammar instruction by rendering language study more scientific (and less like an art) and less focused on mere rule memorization. The author hopes that such a transformation will make the study of grammar more interesting for high school students because they will be encouraged to create their own models. He is interested in "the essential principles of human speech and the best method of constructing sentences according to the idiom of the English language." The preface also interestingly states that "[t]he inseparable connexion between words, ideas, and things, is carefully observed." The Schultz Archive only includes a brief excerpt of the cover page, contents, preface, introduction and a short section of text. The text is legible, but some highlighting does obscure throughout.

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  • 1830-1839
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