Chesterfield's Art of Letter-Writing Simplified. Being a guide to friendly, affectionate, polite and business correspondence, containing a large collection of the most valuable information relative to the art of letter-writing, with clear and complete instructions how to begin and end correspondence, rules for punctuation and spelling, &c. To which is appended the complete rules of etiquette, and the usage of society : containing the most approved rules for correct deportment in fashionable life, together with hints to gentlemen and ladies on irregular and vulgar habits, also, the etiquette of love and courtship, marriage etiquette, &c. Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/18/2016
Date Modified: 06/07/2019

No printing information given. Copyrighted 1857. No information on the author is provided. As the lengthy title suggests, Chesterfield's text is directed at any student who wants or needs to learn how to compose an effective letter. The author claims that the book may prove useful for students young and old, as well as for students who wish to learn to write polite letters for society or business letters for monetary purposes. No matter the student or cause, Chesterfield claims that all people may benefit from an increased knowledge of how to write letters. The text offers instruction on all aspects of letters, including grammar, style, arrangement, concluding, and more. Examples of different genres of letter are provided, such as business or love letters. The Schultz Archive includes the complete letter-writing section (with the exception of pages 50-51 and 58-59), but the text seems to continue beyond the letter-writing portion. Some highlighter obscures text throughout, but the quality is good nonetheless.

Alternate Title
  • Complete rules of etiquette, and the usage of society
Time Period
  • 1850-1859
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