How to write : a pocket manual of composition and letter-writing embracing hints on penmanship and the choice of writing materials, practical rules for literary composition in general, and epistolary and newspaper writing and proof-correcting in particular, and directions for writing letters of business, relationship, friendship, and love, illustrated by numerous examples of genuine epistles, from the pens of the best writers : to which are added forms for letters of introduction, notes, cards, etc., and a Collection of Poetical Quotations Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/18/2016
Date Modified: 07/03/2019

1857 printing of the 1856 copyrighted work. Conceived as an alternative to the Letter Writers which merely supply sample epistles to be copied or imitated. It wishes to provide instructions for young writers who wish to think for themselves. It credits the influence of Jardine's Principles of English Composition, Newman's Rhetoric, Fowler's English Grammar, Parker's Aids to English Composition and Letter Writing Simplified, Wilson's Treatise on Punctuation, and Mrs. Hale's Dictionary of Poetical Quotations and The Treasury of Knowledge. For a list of subjects, see the text's title. The Schultz Archive's copy is roughly the complete text.

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  • 1850-1859
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