Lessons on Common Things: Their Origin, Nature, and Uses for Schools and Families. Illustrated with Fifty-Two Engravings on Wood Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/18/2016
Date Modified: 06/12/2019

1835 printing (third edition) of the 1835 copyrighted text. Frost is credited as the editor. This is an American edition of the English book Lessons on Objects, published by teachers of the Pestalozzian school. In this edition hard and Latinized words have been replaced with common ones. Objects are broken down into parts and qualities. Certain lessons are written as dialogues between children and the teacher. The investigation of the objects at the center of these lessons increases in complexity as the lessons progress. Later lessons are written in full paragraphs or as a series of questions. Some of the objects or scenes are illustrated by the wood cut engravings. The book is sectioned into five series, the last two are further separated into subsections such as "on the senses" or "on the metals." The Schultz Archive's copy is roughly the complete text. Some of the pages are dark and may be difficult to read.

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  • 1830-1839
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