A Grammar of Rhetoric and Polite Literature: Comprehending the Principles of Language and Style, the Elements of Taste and Criticism; with Rules, for the Study of Composition and Eloquence Illustrated by Appropriate Examples, Selected Chiefly from the British Classics, for the use of Schools, or Private Instruction Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/19/2016
Date Modified: 08/20/2019

1826 printing of the fourth edition. Introduction dated 1818. The author is credited with a Doctor of Laws of English degree. A rhetoric encouraging simplicity over deceitful ornamentation, the taming of youthful feeling, and the improvement of taste. It has seven sections. The first treats the origin an structure of language and its relation to the operation of the mental faculties. The second treats the principles of general grammar, as classified by philosophical grammarians, focusing on purity. The third part focuses on sentence structure, and the qualities of unity and strength, referencing Campbell and Blair. The fourth part is on rhetorical figures and uses illustrative examples. The fifth section is on taste, referencing Blair, Lord Kames, and Alison. The sixth part is on characters of style, such as diffuse, concise, dry, plain, neat, elegant, affected, vehement, etc., as well genres such as historical writing, memoirs, philosophical, dialogue, "epistolatory." The seventh section is on poetry. The rules of the text number over 600. The Schultz Archive's copy is roughly the complete text, although some of the copied pages are a little difficult to read.

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  • 1810-1819
  • 1820-1829
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