Lessons in English: Adapted to the Study of American Classics. A Text-Book for High Schools and Academies Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/20/2016
Date Modified: 08/20/2019

1890 printing of the 1888 copyrighted text. The author is credited as Teacher of English in the Hillhouse High School, New Haven, Connecticut. This text asks how teachers should make use of the now cheaply available copies of quality literature in their classrooms. The chapters cover: History of the English Language, the Anglo-Saxon Element, the Classical Element, Figures of Speech, Common Errors, Diction, Sentences, Punctuation and Capitals, Letter-Writing, Composition, and Biographical Sketches. Exercises and illustrative examples are used in the available chapters. The book credits the influence of Guest's Lectures on the History of England; Angus' The Handbook of the English Tongue; Swinton's New Word-Analysis; the rhetorics of D. J. Hill, A. S. Hill, Hart, and DeMille; Errors in the Use of English by Hodgson; Mistakes in Writing English by Bigelow; Wilson's Treatise on Punctuation; and Whitney's Language and the Study of Language. The Schultz Archive's copy only includes later chapters on letter-writing and composition of various modes.

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  • 1890-1899
  • 1880-1889
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