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Date Uploaded: 05/23/2016
Date Modified: 03/13/2020

1895 printing. Ricks is credited with a Bachelor of Science degree, as the Inspector of Schools to the School Board for London, and as the author of "Natural History Object Lessons". Introduction emphasizes the five sense as "doors and windows by which knowledge enters the mind" as well as muscular feeling. Object lessons are meant to cultivate the senses to train habits of attention, intelligent observation, and accurate comparison. Lessons build on one another and correspond to stages of development, and "words follow ideas." The text itself is divided into five stages. The first covers colors, shapes, tastes, and texture, size, and weight. The second covers color, form, tastes, "properties of bodies," and common objects. The third stages color, form, properties of bodies, common objects, and units of weight. The fourth covers color, form, properties of bodies, common objects, measure for dry goods, and manufactures. The fifth stages covers color, form, time, minerals, common metals, and textiles. The Schultz Archive copy is roughly the complete text.

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  • 1890-1899
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