The Elements of English Composition: A Preparation for Rhetoric Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/23/2016
Date Modified: 06/07/2019

1890 printing (83rd 1000) of the 1884 copyrighted text. The author is credited as Teacher of English Language and Literature in Ann Arbor High School. Chittenden's text seeks to provide young high school students with a primer of knowledge for the study of rhetoric. The author claims that the intention is to use as little theory as possible to teach the beginnings of correct writing. She details a fairly precise method that begins with the principles of English grammar and works through examples of literature, style, expression, letter-writing and more. Exercises in reproduction are designed to have students put good writing examples in their own words. Exercises in development provide students with detail, which they must then weave into a composition. Exercises in summary teach student to condense. Exercises in paraphrase teach students to rephrase with style. The Schultz Archive includes the complete text, except pages 122-23, and the scans are in good condition.

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  • 1890-1899
  • 1880-1889
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