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Date Uploaded: 05/18/2021
Date Modified: 05/18/2021

This paper explores the question of why it is important to apply culturally responsive teaching within the classroom, through creativity. Teaching diversity exposes students to a variety of cultural and social groups. This educational experience prepares students to become better citizens, within their communities. Through the creative process, students will examine topics which, both, encompass and promote diversity. Additionally, students will be able to construct their own independent, inclusive environment, through art making; this increase in diversity education relates not only to the race and ethnicity of our students, it also includes religion, economic status, gender identity, language background, and more. Adopting inclusion and awareness around multicultural education and taking a culturally responsive approach to teaching is a benefit to both students and instructors. Not only does creating a better multicultural awareness and inclusive environment help students with different backgrounds and needs succeed, but it encourages acceptance and helps prepare students to thrive in a diverse world.
Keywords: cultural diversity, curriculum, teaching, art, social reconstructionism

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  • Diversity Education through Creativity
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  • 21st Century
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