Sound & Music epub Edition Open Access Deposited

Date Uploaded: 01/11/2017
Date Modified: 08/16/2017

This free eBook has 400 videos embedded in the book that can be viewed without internet connection. Most of the text in the book is also in the videos, so you don't need to actually read the text, unless you want to. This is a textbook for students and lovers of audio. The five chapters include...

1 The Physics and Physiology of Sound
2 The History of Sound recording
3 Analog Recording, Microphones, and Consoles
4 Digital Recording and Signal Processing
5 Music

Because the videos are embedded, the file is quite large 1.3 GB, so make sure that you have enough storage on whatever device you're using. If storage is an issue, you might want to download one of the versions that do not have embedded media, but instead have links to the videos on the internet. Those versions are under 5 MB.



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