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Date Uploaded: 01/11/2017
Date Modified: 08/16/2017

This free eBook can be read on both Macs and PCs that have an epub reader app. iBooks Reader works well on Macs. Kindle Reader will work on either Macs or PCs. The book contains links to 400 videos that are hosted on YouTube. In order to view the videos you must have an intern connection. Simply click the large blue underlined text links, which are the links to the videos. That video will then open on YouTube. When you want to return to the book, close the YouTube window.

Most of the text in the book is also found in the videos, so you don't have to do much actual reading (unless you want to read the text). The book is a very small file, so it can be viewed on mobile devices with WIFI connectivity. However, the book will run a bit faster on a laptop or desktop with internet connection.

The five chapters of the book include...
1 The Physics and Physiology of Sound
2 The History of Sound Recording
3 Analog Recording, Microphones, and Consoles
4 Digital Recording and Signal Processing
5 Music



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