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Date Uploaded: 09/03/2017
Date Modified: 05/23/2019

With the several changes happening every day in societies and in thoughts say knowledge challenges are increasing day by day which is to be faced by business as well as other organizations. To tackle these challenges many tactics are implemented and are in process to further improve. Handling of these challenges requires a system under which one can work and let adaptation to the changes can be done smoothly. Today majority of business organizations have a knowledge management program in one or another form. Indian business organizations are also feeling the need for new business paradigms. Knowledge management is a systematic process for creating, acquiring, synthesizing, learning, sharing and using knowledge and experience to achieve organizational goals. This paper “Handling Knowledge in Indian Information Technology (IT) Organizations” underscores Knowledge Management practices in business organizations at main cities in India. Papers site an overview of the techniques and also include future improvements that can be done to ameliorate the efficiency of Knowledge Management System.

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