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Date Uploaded: 05/04/2016
Date Modified: 06/04/2019

No information on the printing or edition is given. The copyright is 1884. No information on the author is given. The book emphasizes adaptation as the fundamental law of rhetoric and the effects produced "at the time and under the circumstances." Conversation and letter writing are to be used to develop in the student rhetoric's important laws. Personal experience is seen as the basis for students learning narration and description. Illustrations are used throughout, particularly anecdotes and quotations from leading authors. The author specifically acknowledges _The Art of Extempore Speech_ by M. Bautain and _The Art of Reading_ by M. Legouve as influences. The sections are Sentence Making, Conversation, Letter-Writing, the Essay, the Oration, and Poetry. The chapter on conversation focuses on sociability, beginning with a chapter on "Good Breeding." The chapter on the essay is quite alliterative, its chapters: preparation, invention, style, purity, propriety, precision, perspictuity, power, perfection, and (most interestingly) preparation for the press. The Schultz Archive includes a large portion of the text; however, it is missing part I and pages 152-69, 256-303, and 504-end (Part V on oration and Part VI Poetry). The scans are good quality, but there is some highlighter that obscures text throughout.

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  • 1880-1889
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  • 503 pages


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