The Institutes of English Grammar: methodically arranged; with copious language lessons; also a key to the examples of false syntax. Designed for the use of schools, academies, and private students Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/04/2016
Date Modified: 06/05/2019

Excerpts from the 1882 printing of the work, copyrighted 1882. Revised from Brown's 1856 revised text. Goold Brown is credited as the author of The Grammar of English Grammar. Henry Kiddle has a Master of Arts degree and is credited as the Late Superintendent of Common Schools in New York City. Brown's textbook is a thorough grammar handbook that is designed for use by anyone who needs instruction in English grammar. Brown works from the basis that language is the foundation of thought and that it should be taught as such. The authors thoughts on teaching and composition are laid out in the preface. The book is sectioned into orthography, etymology, syntax, and prosody. Exercises follow rules, review questions end each chapter. The orthography chapter also has exercises for writing at its end. The etymology and syntax chapters have exercises in analysis, parsing, and construction. Prosody is divided into punctuation, utterance, figures, versification, and exercises in scanning. Appendix one covers composition and letter-writing/epistles. Appendix two covers qualities of style: purity, propriety, precision, perspicuity, unity, and strength. Appendix three covers poetic diction. Appendix four has the answer key to examples of false syntax for correction. The Schultz Archive only includes excerpts, but does include the lengthy preface and contents in their entirety. The text is largely good quality, but some highlighter does obscure text and some pages are slightly cut off.

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  • 1850-1859
  • 1880-1889
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