The Principles of English Grammar: comprising the substance of the most approved English Grammars extant, with copious exercises in parsing and syntax Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/04/2016
Date Modified: 07/21/2020

This new edition, revised, re-arranged, and improved was printed in 1851 and copyrighted in 1851. The author is credited as Reverend P. Bullions, Doctor of Divinity, Late Professor of Languages in the Albany Academy, and the author of the Series of Grammars, Greek, Latin, and English, on the Same Plan. (Making the teaching of these grammars the same is part of Bullions' method.) Bullions claims that this work intends to do more than summarize the foundational work of Murray's grammar. The author also credits the influence of Lennie, Angus, Connel, Grant, Crombie, Hiley, and Beck. Grammar is both a science and an art, according to the author. He attempts to make the principles of English grammar accessible to young students through the use of definitions to be committed to memory and numerous examples, such as examples of false syntax for correction. The text is divided into orthography, etymology, syntax, and prosody. The art of composition is given a handful of pages in the prosody section. The Schultz Archive only includes a very brief excerpt of the title page, preface and table of contents. The scans are good quality, but there is some highlighter throughout that obscures some text.

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  • 1850 – 1859
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