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Date Uploaded: 05/23/2016
Date Modified: 08/21/2019

Copyrighted 1894. The author is credited as having a Master of Arts and as Superintendent of Public Instruction, Brooklyn, NY. This text uses an inductive method and is designed in three parts for use over the course of three years of schooling, beginning as early as the third year of primary school. The first part contain exercises for constructing simple sentences. The second part requires students to construct sentence and to distinguish the sentence's parts. The third part begins generalization and continues analysis and synthesis of typical sentences with attention paid to irregular verbs. Exercises in composition with narratives and description are used in conjunction with the sentence and word forms. Models are provided for imitation. Exercises provide forms of sentences and the words to be employed. Some pictorial illustrations are included. Some poems are also included for appreciation. The author credits the influence of German language books by Baron, Junghann, and Schindler. The Schultz Archive's copy is roughly the complete text.

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  • 1890-1899
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