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Date Uploaded: 05/23/2016
Date Modified: 08/21/2019

Fourth edition of the 1885 copyrighted text. The author is credited as having a Master of Arts degree and as Professor of Rhetoric and the English Lanugage in the University of Pennsylvania, member of MLA, and author of a book on English etymology. The preface from the third edition (1889) explains the added Analysis, which is meant to help map the contents and aid the student in studying. The preface to the original edition explains the author has tried to properly balance principles of the art of rhetoric with their practical application, as well as treat both style and invention. The book is focused on the study of prose, but illustrative examples from poets and novelists are occasionally used. The introduction explains rhetoric and composition, laws of rhetoric, and kinds of discourse. The book's first part, Style, covers grammatical purity, elements of style, and qualities of style (significance, naturalness, pathos, humor, satire, harmony, etc.). The second part, Invention, covers the theme and the discussion (modes of discussion, definition, division, comparison and contrast, excitation). The preface also credits the influence of Henry Day. The Schultz Archive's copy is not the complete text. It includes the Analysis and selections from the Introduction and parts one and two.

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  • 1880-1889
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