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Date Uploaded: 05/23/2016
Date Modified: 08/21/2019

1894 printing of the 1893 copyrighted text. It is apparently identical to the Schultz Archive's 1893 printing, with the exception of a few pages of advertisements at the end. The author is credited as Assistant Professor of English in the Leland Stanford Junior University. Designed to be a supplement to a more technical grammatical and rhetorical treatise, this text shows students how to find material and work that material into good, interesting compositions. Seventy-three exercises deal with particular kinds of composition, specimen subjects and themes are given with observations and suggestions for treatment, and models of various kinds of composition are provided (but these models are of student work or writing of a similar level of accomplishment). The work is divided into two parts. Part one, Composition Based on Experience and Observation, has sections on finding material, narration, description, and narration and description combined. Part two, Composition Based on Reading and Thought has sections on principles of composition, exposition, argumentation, persuasion, and miscellaneous forms (such as news, book reviews, letter, dialogue, as humor). John Genung's Rhetoric is listed as an influence. The Schultz Archive's copy is roughly the complete text.

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  • 1890-1899
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