The Science of Rhetoric: An Introduction to the Laws of Effective Discourse Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/24/2016
Date Modified: 07/28/2020

Copyrighted 1877. The author is credited as Professor in the University of Lewisburg. Preface states the book is not an introduction but rather is for advanced class, and it provides a systematic presentation of the laws of discourse. Contrasts itself with one-sided textbooks by Whately, Blair, and Theremin. Author's rhetoric takes logic, aesthetics, and ethics and establishes them in the mind of another. Author regards invention as subject/discipline specific; thus, it cannot be reduced to rule. Disposition/arrangement are also topic specific or form specific or genre specific. Focuses on the laws of mind, the laws of idea, and the law of mental economy (from Spencer). Introduction compares language with other modes of expressions. Laws of mind deals with both the intellect and the feelings, as well as experience and affiliation. The laws of idea deal with objects, notions, time, character, and the modes of discourse. Laws of form deal with plain language, word choice, figurative language, and economy of the feelings. The Schultz Archive copy includes the preface, TOC and pages 74 – 139 of the text.

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  • 1870 – 1879
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