A Complete Graded Course in English Grammar and Composition Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/24/2016
Date Modified: 07/22/2020

1889 printing of 1888 copyrighted text. Author is credited as Principal of Grammar School No. 3, Brooklyn, NY. Begins with gradual development of the sentence and the nature and office of the different parts of speech. The relations of words to each other precedes learning the words' proper forms. Includes exercises involving filling out sentences with the correct forms of words rather than correcting false syntax (although the appendix contains such exercises). Aims to make grammar more interesting and student progress more rapid. Preface claims it covers as much material as a two-book course on grammar. Examples of chapters include the following: Objects—Ideas; Analysis and Synthesis; Models for Written Analysis; Diagramming; Oral Parsing Models; Words Misused; Compound Sentences—Classification; Elliptical Sentences—Analysis; Bad Construction Improved; Composition—Subjects. Questions are used at the end of lessons. The book is structured to be progressive and its method inductive. The Schultz Archive copy includes the TOC, the index, a part of the appendix, and roughly forty to fifty pages from various chapters. Some of the pages are difficult to read due to the quality of the copies.

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  • 1880 – 1889
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