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Date Uploaded: 05/24/2016
Date Modified: 07/21/2020

1913 printing of the 1912 copyrighted second edition. The first edition was copyrighted in 1909. The first three authors are credited with a Ph.D. and the last two are credited with an M.A. All are "of the Department of English Composition in the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University." A set of directions for good writing with a varied and extensive collection of examples drawn from all forms of discourse. Preface discusses exposition, argument, description, and narrative, and these categories serve as the different sections of the text. The introduction states that writing is a triple problem, requiring straight thinking, adequate expression, and good form. Chapters cover topics such as unity, coherence, emphasis, the paragraph, the sentence, the right word, the brief, the forms of evidence, development of full argument from brief, description, simple narrative, and the story. The appendices cover: connectives, exercises in sentence structure, exercises in the use of words, specimen brief, specimens of fallacious argument, exercises in description, exercises in narrative writing, punctuation, spelling, and a list of books. The example texts include political figures and well known literary authors. The Schultz Archive's copy contains the preface, the introduction, and the TOC.

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  • 1900 – 1909
  • 1910 – 1919
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