Practical Rhetoric and Composition: A Complete and Practical Discussion of Capital Letters, Punctuation Letter-Writing, Style, and Composition Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/24/2016
Date Modified: 08/11/2020

1887 copyrighted text. Author is credited with a Master of Arts, a PhD, as Ex-President of Delaware College, and as the author of several educational texts. The preface states to be a treatise on rhetoric and composition that is practical and teachable. It identifies two objectives: teaching ease, grace, fluency and correctness; enabling discernment and appreciation of literary works. Lessons are followed by copious exercises. These exercises include criticism of faulty expressions and construction of sentences, figures, etc. The section headings are: capital letters, punctuation, letter-writing, rhetoric (broken into style, sentences, paragraphing, figurative language, variety of expression, special properties of style and varieties of style), composition (broken into invention, parts of composition, prose composition, poetry, and versification), and rhetoric and literature. The Schultz Archive copy includes the preface, TOC, and pages 54 – 93, and 258 - 285. Some pages are difficult to read due to quality of the copying.

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  • 1880 – 1889
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