The Little Grammarian, Or an Easy Guide to the Parts of Speech; Designed for Young Persons in General; but more particularly adapted to facilitate instruction in Preparatory Schools Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/26/2016
Date Modified: 06/04/2019

This second edition is dated 1829. The author is credited on the cover as a teacher. This texts uses a system of mnemonics to teach children the useful science of grammar. It has mothers and young instructresses in mind, who are untrained and therefore unlikely to teach it without a simple method. Chapters have a section to be read, a recapitulation lesson section to be memorized, and a practice section founded on scripture to provide moral instruction. The work also has wood-cut illustrations. The Schultz Archive's copy of this text is incomplete. It is missing numerous pages, but it does have a sample of pages from throughout the text. Attached is the text of a similar work of similar inspiration (it acknowledges sharing the same wood-cut illustrations), published in 1832 in New York: The Infant School Grammar Consisting of Elementary Lessons in the Analytical Method; illustrated by Sensible Objects and Actions.

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  • 1820-1829
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