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Date Uploaded: 06/26/2019
Date Modified: 06/26/2019

Abstract: Can a library support an overseas program with a full-time librarian position? Can this position provide distant services successfully through e-learning techniques, social media and other methods? The answer is yes. As many American universities enroll students through a shared or global campus, librarians can play a vital role as the primary information and library services provider. The University of Cincinnati (UC) and Chongqing University, China (CQU) established the first shared engineering programs in China with mandatory co-operative education, the Joint Co-op Institute (JCI), in 2013. Students primarily receive on-campus instruction in China from JCI instructors; however, no UC librarian is onsite to provide dedicated support. In response, UC Libraries developed the new Global Services Librarian position as the lead presence for support of the Libraries’ growing global engagement and partnerships, especially with the JCI. This Librarian provides a full range of services, mostly at a distance, including instruction, outreach, and faculty support. This presentation will describe the development of the Global Services Librarian position, its roles in supporting the JCI, lessons learned in the first year of this position, and how this role could be adapted for other library environments.

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  • Presentation for the Academic Library Association of Ohio Distance Learning Interest Group on April 29, 2016


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