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Date Uploaded: 06/09/2016
Date Modified: 08/10/2020

University of Wisconsin Bureau of Educational Research Bulletin, Number 14, August 1933. The author is credited as Assistant Professor in the Teaching of English, University of Wisconsin. A similar work to Sterling A. Leonard's The Doctrine of Correctness in English Usage, 1700-1800 but for the 20th century. The chapters include: general introduction, theories of correctness in the nineteenth century, current theories of correctness, prescriptive grammar, prescriptive syntax, prescriptive usage, and recommendations for the writing of textbooks in English. The study purports to show the confusion between grammar purists and grammar liberalists and the unfortunate influence this confusion has had on the teaching of English. It also seeks to trace the origin and development of traditional rules and statements regarding usage and to show that these contrast with the facts of past and present usage. The study analyzes 16 textbooks in grammar and composition. The Schultz Archive copy is roughly the complete 172 page text.

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  • 1930–1939
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