De genetivi substantivorum in -ius et -ium exeuntium forma aliquot observationes. Scripsit A. Petermann Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 06/08/2018
Date Modified: 05/23/2019

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  • University of Cincinnati dissertations, Programmschriften, and pamphlets in classical studies
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  • Pamphlet
  • Pages extracted from "Programm des Königl. Evangelischen Gymnasiums zu Gross-Glogau 1862-1863."
    OCLC Number: 9977238
    Call Number: CLASS Stacks Diss 7676
    Programm des Königl. Evangelischen Gymnasiums zu Gross-Glogau für das Schuljahr von Ostern 1862 bis Ostern 1863, mit welchem zu den Schulfeierlichkeiten am 27. März ehrerbietigst einladet der Director Dr. G. A. Klix.
    Inhalt. De genetivi substantivorum in ius et ium exeuntium forma aliquot observations scripsit Dr. A. Petermann, Gymnasii Professor.
    Schulnachrichten. Vom Director.
    Druck von W. Struensee in Glogau. OSTERN 1863.
    Programmschrift of the Royal Protestant Gymnasium at Gross-Glogau to celebrate the new school year from Easter 1862 to Easter 1863.
    1. The first part offers some observations on the genitive form of nouns in the second declination ending in -ius and – ium (pp. 1-13).
    2. The second part contains Schulnachrichen, School News, i.e., course schedules with brief course descriptions, names of teachers, regulations, statistical overview, and a list of holidays (pp. 15-32).
    Please note that several of the School Programs from this Gymnasium are full text readable except for the school year 1862/63, which is not included:

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