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Date Uploaded: 10/26/2017
Date Modified: 11/02/2017

Along the Wall: Photographs at the Berlin Wall, 1989 is an exhibition of the documentary photographic narrative created by Richard Schade. The photographs were exhibited first in Gallery K in the Max Kade German Cultural Center from November 3 - 26, 2014, and then in the Clifton Cultural Arts Center from January 17 - February 28, 2015.

These images show the exhibition as it was staged in the Max Kade German Cultural Center in U.C.'s Old Chemistry building. The photographs were displayed matted in black frames, with a hand-typed caption affixed to the matte.

In addition to Dr. Schade's photographs, a loop of contemporary news reports on the fall of the Wall; a large map showing divided Germany (ca. 1975); and commemorative posters from the German Embassy were displayed.



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