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3D Model of SN24-702 from Pylos Open Access Deposited

Date Uploaded: 10/29/2016
Date Modified: 12/05/2016

A 3D model in PLY format, created from photogrammetry of the female figure with a staff flanked by two birds signet ring associated with the Griffin Warrior Grave at Pylos, Greece, excavated in 2015.
This ring was published in Jack L Davis and Sharon R Stocker, "The Lord of the Gold Rings: The Griffin Warrior of Pylos," Hesperia 85 (2016) 627-655; Ring 3. The article is available at

The model can be opened in any 3d viewer/editor capable of importing a .ply file. MeshLab is free, open source, and available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. These files can be imported into MeshLab (

As better models become available, they will be added to this archive.

Permission for re-use should be addressed to

Note that the licensing model is only for the model itself. The artifact is the property of the Greek government.


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Identifier: doi:10.7945/C29599

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