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Date Uploaded: 01/26/2016
Date Modified: 12/14/2018

The University of Cincinnati Libraries (UCL) is developing an exciting new team of informationists, specialists in research data services who are a hybrid of outreach/embedded librarian and data librarian, to partner with research faculty and students. UCL recently hired three informationist positions to serve data-generating researchers at UC, and plans to hire another social science informationist in the near future. UC informationists are working on several exciting new projects including the creation of new bioinformatics workshops, partnering with an otolaryngology research team, organizing a geographic information system (GIS) working group and GIS events at UC, and providing research assistance for clinical research teams. In addition, the informationists regularly interact with and serve as members of key governance committees and collaborate with the Offices of Research and Information Technology. The informationist team is also moving two key strategic initiatives forward: the development of formalized research data services and the creation of health informatics support from the Health Sciences Library. Both of these initiatives are helping us to develop models for cross-institutional collaboration.


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