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Date Uploaded: 10/05/2019
Date Modified: 10/05/2019

Wind power represents one of the most promising sources of renewable energy and improvements to wind turbine design and control can have a significant impact on energy sustainability. This proposal is about a new design for efficient VAWT. Typically, VAWT power output is generated from the difference between the forces on the forward and backward facing blades to the wind direction. That reduces their efficiency as compared to the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT). The current innovation, eliminates the forces on the backward facing blades using dynamic blades which improve their efficiency to be comparablewith the HAWT.

In addition, the turbine is fitted with aerodynamic brakes that safely stop the turbine at low and high wind speeds. This safety feature does not exist in any Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in the market. The innovation received the Accelerator to Commercialization award in 2014 from the state of Ohio and University of Cincinnati. Several small size prototypes were builtwhich validated the concept.
VAWTs are capable of catching wind from all directions which avoid the need for yaw mechanisms, rudders or downwind coning. The electric generators can be positioned near the ground and are easily accessible for maintenance. The new invention will revolutionize thewind turbines andwind farms technology by improving the VAWT efficiency and safety.


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