Handling IP and Data in Grants Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 07/01/2020
Date Modified: 08/19/2020

This webinar was a part of the Data and Computation Science Series and one of five webinars focused on the Publishing Lifecycle of Data. It occurred on June 29, 2020, at 1:00 pm EDT.

Presenter Bio: Geoffrey Pinski is the Assistant Vice President for Technology Transfer in the University of Cincinnati's Office of Innovation. Housed in UC's 1819 Innovation Hub, Geoffrey leads the team responsible for identifying and commercializing the research and innovations of UC’s faculty, staff, and students. Geoffrey rose through ranks, holding nearly every position along the way; starting first as an extern during law school. Under his leadership, the office has set records for invention disclosures, licenses, and startups. As the President of the Ohio Technology Transfer Officers Counsel, he helped develop the Ohio IP Promise; a promise by all 14 states and 2 of the private institutions in Ohio to provide a unified process for commercialization.

Session Description: Data is a loaded term - it covers everything from raw numbers to software code. Come learn more about the intersection of Intellectual Property and data; how to protect data, while sharing it; and how and when commercialization might be an avenue. And finally, learn what resources are available to help you navigate the waters of data and Intellectual Property.

There is both a ppt slide deck and a mp4 session.

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