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Date Uploaded: 06/11/2021
Date Modified: 06/11/2021

Research shows that just over half of the country’s law enforcement academies received comprehensive training on cybercrime cases and investigations. Law Enforcement Information Portal is a website that bridges that gap. The home page is a dashboard showing up-to-date statistics of crime in the local area, as well as an interactive map of the local area. Working with a database on the backend, one of the features is a search for information on popular Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that, upon search submission, will detail contact information, a link to the ISP’s law enforcement guide, and information on data retention, where to send subpoenas, and more. Other features include an extensive phone directory of local law enforcement and services contacts, a directory of links to each of the 50 states’ sex offender registry pages, and a guide full of helpful tips on preserving digital evidence. Law Enforcement Information Portal intends to aid law enforcement in the office or out in the field during investigations.

  • BS (Information Technology)
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  • Iacobelli, Tony


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