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Interdisciplinary Capstone: Bringing Dialogue in the Dark to Cincinnati Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 06/18/2020
Date Modified: 10/07/2020

The purpose of this capstone was to organize and pursue the creation of a Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Cincinnati. Dialogue in the Dark is an organization that, since 1988, has internationally utilized exhibits that allow visitors to be led through an hour long simulation of blindness as lead by a visually impaired guide through four pitch back simulated environments. The purpose of this exhibit is twofold. In an immediate sense it is meant to demonstrate to visitors that those who we often marginalize due to their disabilities are in fact quite capable, effectively serving as a platform to recognize, address, and overcome problems created by perceived "otherness". The larger lessons derive from experiencing a profoundly different reality than is normally accessible in terms of both the specific type of experience and the degree of contrast of realities it poses. Such jarring experiences open a brief window for dialogue.

Drawing from actor-network theory, various principles and techniques from action research, and from fields such as organizational psychology, visual anthropology, and sociology, this capstone contains workable processes and objectives relevant to both the creation of a Cincinnati based Dialogue in the Dark and the framework for a Coalition for Community Action and Cooperation. These processes and objectives are to be constantly ongoing in development, and are only rudimentary in presentation style.

Additionally, this project contains a reflection on both the process of bringing Dialogue in the Dark to Cincinnati thus far, a discussion of post-capstone plans for Dialogue in the Dark, and, in the spirit of demonstrating my BIS inspired work in general, a condensed introduction to my “Theory of Grand Irrationality” and my “Social Pulse Theory”, both of which are central starting points for the grad school experience I am both seeking and planning.

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  • Dialogue in the Dark, Theory of Grand Irrationality, and Social Pulse Theory
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  • BIS (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies)
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  • Sanders, Rebecca
  • Ris, Cynthia
  • Document
  • The first half of this work is a report on my capstone project. The latter half of this work contains a rushed and imperfect attempt to distill frameworks, theories, and thoughts I developed in the course of my undergraduate program, and which I did and do intend to formalize as a book at some point in my career. Shortly after submitting my capstone, I realized I had made some errors in trying to communicate my ideas in the latter half, and in my private documents I wrote notes concerning these.
    In this sense, this uploaded document is not the best representation of what I thought or was/am attempting to say, but I felt it is still worth formally documenting the existence of, and may even be of interest to some.

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