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Date Uploaded: 09/08/2022
Date Modified: 09/08/2022

This is a biography of the Shawnee tribal chief Tecumseh. The early childhood of Tecumseh is researched all the way to his death at the Battle of Thames in 1813 in this biography that sticks to the truth and cites sources from different authors. Originally this research project was just a capstone project for a class but as the research accumulated, I found the need to create this biography about Tecumseh. Tecumseh made a confederation of like-minded tribes to combat the encroaching United States' government in the late 18th century and early 19th century. All the information that is presented in the biography has been researched and edited. With more than 50 hours of research involved with this biography, the historical contributions regarding The War of 1812 are noteworthy and the contributions made regarding the killer of Tecumseh are found in this biography as well. This isn't a complete overview of Tecumseh's life, but rather this biography details the life of a Shawnee in a time rich with civil strife during the expansion of the United States after the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The Heritage Village Musuem in Sharonville, Ohio allowed for me to intern during the summer of 2022 to bolster the accuracy of this biography.

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  • 1768-1813
  • Liberal Arts BA
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  • Sherrill, Brenna
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