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Date Uploaded: 06/11/2021
Date Modified: 06/11/2021

Hotel Helper is an automated Housekeeping management system created using Node.JS and Angular to alleviate hotel staff of tedious and manual administrative tasks. The importance of minimizing labor costs is a generally a priority of hotel owners, but the impact COVID-19 has made on the hospitality industry makes it even more crucial for hotel owners to save money where they can. Housekeeping management software on the market is expensive and contains many unnecessary features for most hotels. As a result, many hotels prefer to use a manual pen and paper process, but this process is very inefficient. Hotel Helper serves as a cost friendly, simple web application alternative that allows managers and housekeeping staff to communicate in a two-way manner with updates on room cleaning progress, late checkouts, along with any other room related requests. Hotel Helper increases hotel staff efficiency, minimizes owner expenses, and streamlines the housekeeping process through the modernization of an outdated pen and paper procedure to an easy to use web application.

  • BS (Information Technology)
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  • Gilany, Yahya


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