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Date Uploaded: 06/11/2021
Date Modified: 06/11/2021

Lightning Carryout is a solution for small restaurants looking to expand their online customer base. While apps like Uber Eats send partners an iPad to run a separate point of sale system, the Mobile Ordering App utilizes the Square API integrating directly with the restaurant’s existing point of sale system. Furthermore, food delivery apps like Door Dash charge restaurants exorbitant fees. Large chain restaurants like McDonald’s and Chipotle have proprietary apps that allow for online ordering, but many small restaurants do not have the customer base or funds to have their own app developed. Lightning Carryout provides users the ability to select small businesses from a list or map, view menu items, and order from within the app. Our team’s app allows users to not only support small businesses but ensure that more of their bill goes to the owners and employees, rather than large corporations.

  • BS (Information Technology)
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  • Fall, Abdou


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