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Date Uploaded: 06/11/2021
Date Modified: 06/11/2021

Technologically Organized is an effort to help a small business develop an internet presence. Websites are the most effective business and marketing channel for small business around the US and are the second most successful at bringing in business behind Social Media. Without a website and general infrastructure to support them, small businesses are at a severe disadvantage to larger corporations and services. Simply Organized is a service committed to providing organization services at a reasonable cost to individuals, families, and businesses alike. They are looking to expand their brand by leveraging a website to promote themselves and provide customers with information about their business. Our team will assist them by creating a website, implementing a Customer Relationship Management Application (CRM), and securing and upgrading their home network to provide them with a platform for growth. We will also place a heavy focus on training business users to maintain the products we provide to ensure effectiveness of the solution for the future. This project will culminate into a valuable asset for Simply Organized and will positively impact revenue and help the service succeed in their market space.

  • BS (Information Technology)
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  • Moore, Ryan


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