Student Works Help

Scholar@UC was developed to store and share the scholarly output and creative works of UC faculty (current and emeritus), staff, and students. Works that are deposited in Scholar@UC should support the mission of the University of Cincinnati. Students should work with a faculty member to share scholarly output and creative works, such a capstone projects. All official theses and dissertations must be submitted directly to the Graduate School and not Scholar@UC. There are two main workflows for submitting student works to Scholar@UC: Self-Submission and Indirect Submission. Self-Submission of Student Works is the preferred method of submitting student works.

Indirect submissions are when students submit first to a system other than Scholar@UC, such as Canopy. Direct, self-submission is preferred as it allows students, in Scholar@UC, to agree to the non-exclusive distribution license and to select their own licensing terms for reuse (Creative Commons). In some cases indirect submissions are necessary, and in that case please contact Scholar@UC for additional help.