A Comprehensive Grammar: Presenting some new views of the structure of language; designed to explain all the relations of words in English syntax and make the study of grammar and composition one and the same process Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/18/2016
Date Modified: 07/02/2019

1837 printing of the 1837 copyrighted text. Title page asserts this edition was abridged from a work preparing for publication. No information about the author is given. The preface explores many of what it argues are the faults with the rules of Murray's grammar, from which most contemporary grammar textbooks are derived. In its place, the author is working on a system of grammar termed the Architective, Constructive, or Structural System. It attempts to explain all the relations of words in the forms of speech, and its classifications are based on those relations. The preface says the work draws on, rebuts, or is in response to the works of Lowth, Cheever Felch, Rees, Cardell, Emerson and others.The Schultz Archive excerpt only includes preface and first few examples on nouns/verbs.

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  • 1830-1839
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