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Date Uploaded: 05/19/2016
Date Modified: 08/19/2019

1875 copyrighted text. The author is credited as Professor in Davidson College. In this rhetoric principles and rules are stated briefly and any overlap with other subjects, such as psychology, logic, and aesthetics, is avoided. The introduction covers definition, aim and method of study, distribution, of rhetoric. Part one covers the processes of discourse: subject of a discourse, invention, disposition, amplification. Part two covers style: qualities of prose style, choice of words, figures of speech, the sentence, the paragraph, division of style (higher, lower, middle). Part three covers the elementary forms of discourse: description, narration, exposition, argument. Part four covers principal forms of prose: dialogue and epistolary, didactic prose, historical prose, oratorical prose. The author credits the influence of Lectures on the English Language by Hon. Geo. P. Marsh, Theories of Style by J. K. F. Rinne, German Style by Karl Becker, and Homletics by Vinet. The Schultz Archive copy cuts off on page 231, missing pages 232 through at least 279 (according to the ToC).

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  • 1870-1879
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