Teaching the Language-Arts: Speech, Reading, Composition Open Access Deposited

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Date Uploaded: 05/26/2016
Date Modified: 07/28/2020

1896 printing of 1896 copyrighted work. Part of the International Education Series. The author is credited with both a Ph.D. and an LL.D., as Professor of the Science and the Art of Teaching in the University of Michigan, and as the author of several books of diverse subject matter. W. T. Harris writes the editor's preface: A collection of thoughts on language, influences include Aristotle and Quintilian and Spencer and Lowell, covering its use, its growth, the study of its mechanics, its grammatical and logical structures, the order of mastering its use in speaking, reading, and writing. The discussion covers primary, grammar, high school, and college instruction. Chapters IV, V, and VI relay facts drawn from child study. Chapters VII, VIII, IX, X, and XIII discuss the higher function of literature. Chapter VIII discusses the use of paraphrasing to aid comprehension. The author's preface speaks back to the Harvard Committee's reports on students' writing skills. The Schultz Archive copy is roughly the complete text.

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  • 1890 – 1899
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